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Double exposed

A few months ago, I was for my yearly Winter holiday at my parents' place in the Netherlands. For one of the days, the 27th of December 2014, heavy snowfall was forecasted and I asked my dad if he had an interest in going for a drive to find and photograph geese... a bit of snow would obviously have been a welcome bonus. The previous day 800 White-fronted Geese (Anser albifrons) were seen in the area of Dieden, a 20 minute drive from where my parents live, so that's the place we decided to 'check-out'. Whilst driving on the Maasdijk, a dike which separates the town of Dieden from the river Maas, we saw a mixed flock of Greylag- and White-fronted Geese in heavy snowfall... yessss!

I decided to try something different, and instead of taking a shot with a slow shutter speed, I took multiple shots with a fairly high shutter speed, simply with the intention to combine two or three images into one, a double or triple exposure. You would then have both sharpness and motion in one image. I know... Love it, or hate it.

As I belong to the 'Love it' category I have tried this now on several occasions. Below a double exposure of two consecutive Mute Swan flight shots taken in Hyppeis, Houtskär. Finland that is. Love it, or hate it... I am pretty satisfied with both images.

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