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Series - Black Woodpecker part II

Please have a look at my previous blog and photos if you got some time to spare. In that blog I briefly referred to us photographers, having certain images in mind we would like to take, the drive to go out into the bush and get that perfect shot. I mentioned I have some B&W + bird related images in my mind. Taking B&W images of Black Woodpeckers visiting their nest is definitely one of those. Eiders are another attractive subject I wish to photograph next Spring.

I already took a lot of images from Black Woodpeckers, both adults and their offspring, being in-, flying to- or being around their nest. Many I converted into B&W and with some images I am extremely happy. I got a few requests through social media such as Flickr, Facebook and my own site to upload a few images in full color. Yes, and why not. So the real deal below. Your comments are welcome.

A male Black Woodpecker feeding the three chicks, 75mm.

A different angle, a different approach. Used my 70-200mm lens at 75mm, placed it under the tree and used a wireless remote control. Bit of trial and error and this is thus my first effort but was satisfied.

Male Black Woodpecker feeding a young male and female, 1000mm.

A young male and female Black Woodpecker, 1000mm.

This series is likely to be continued. But that will be a new episode with new actors. Season 2017.

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