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Photo Tour Finland - Kuusamo & surroundings (11-18 Febr. 2023 & 10-17 Febr. 2024)

Finland is not only the land of a thousand lakes, it is also blessed with some of the most stunning natural scenery on the planet. Kuusamo and its surroundings breaths photography: The Oulanka National Park and especially the Riisitunturi National Park's humid climatic conditions contribute to its natural beauty. In winter the spruce trees that cover many of the park's hillsides are clad with a thick coating of condensed frost, creating a photogenic white forest. Many small streams are offering great opportunities for photographing fishing White-throated Dippers. Local specialities such as Siberian Jays and Siberian Tits along with a whole array of other passerines can be found at several hot spots with stunning backgrounds. In addition, there will also be a chance to photograph Golden Eagles from well positioned, heated, hides. February is likely the best month for eagles, the days are getting longer, though with the cold temperatures still present, the eagles are more likely to feed (longer) than later in the winter. There are certainly good chances to see other species such as Black Grouse, Hazel Grouse, Bohemian Waxwing, Hawk Owl and Great Grey Owl. During the evenings and nights we lookout for Northern Lights and visit the best places to capture this amazing phenomenon.

Dates: 11-18 February 2023 & 10-17 February 2024

Duration: 7 days
Themes: Winter landscapes, northern lights, birds including local specialities such as Golden Eagles, Siberian Jays and Siberian Tits

Group size: 6 (full - please contact me for tours in 2025)



Photo Tour Varanger - Arctic Norway (21-30 March 2025)

Varanger is situated in the northeastern part of Norway and is spectacular throughout the whole year but during the winter months, and especially during the early springtime, when 100,000s of arctic seabirds are returning to their northern breeding grounds, it is beyond phenomenal and provides amazing, photographic opportunities. We will start our journey in Ivalo, Finland where we will photograph Pine Grosbeak, Arctic Redpoll, Siberian Tit and Siberian Jay before we drive to Varanger. The Varangerfjord breaths photography: the bird cliff in Hornøya houses tens of thousands of Common- and Brünnich's Guillemot, Kittiwake, Razorbill and the iconic Atlantic Puffin which we will try to photograph on snow. Gyrfalcons and White-tailed Eagles may be patrolling the bird cliff. We will have our private well-positioned low-angle floating hide from which we will photograph Long-tailed Duck, King-, Steller’s-, and Common Eider all in their breeding plumage. There are certainly good chances to see other species such as Mountain Hares, Reindeer, Rock Ptarmigan and Willow Grouse. Throughout the whole trip we will have lots opportunities to photograph photogenic winter landscapes and colorful fishing villages. Throughout the evenings we will keep an eye on the sky for Northern Lights.

Dates: 21 to 30 March 2025 (dates to be confirmed in 2023 - contact me for reservations and/or other information)

Duration: 9 days
Themes: Winter landscapes, northern lights, Mountain Hares, Reindeer, birds including local specialities such as Willow Grouse, King- & Steller’s Eider, Long-tailed Duck, Pine Grosbeak, Siberian Tit, Siberian Jay, Brünnich’s- & Common Guillemot, Razorbill, Atlantic Puffin and Kittiwake

Group size: 5-6




1:1 Tuition

Why have tuition?

There are plenty of “how to...” books available that can improve your photography skills and indeed they are very good at a theory level. However nothing beats the onsite hands on approach with a photographer guiding you. I must admit in all my years some of my greatest leanings have come through working with highly skilled and knowledgeable photographers out in the field. Realising that I feel that I can now pass on my tricks of the trade to the next generation of photographers, ensuring that you to get the guidance, knowledge and wisdom that comes from years behind the lens.

The format will be hands on and include an in depth briefing of the subject of choice as well as in-field training. A stunning location is a guarantee.

Digital Post Processing

For those interested in photography basics and digital post processing I offer a custom made workshop to your own wishes and will cover only subjects of your preference.




























For more information on these photo tours, tuition and digital post processing workshops as well as my photos and prints (or as digital images for reproduction), any other form of image usage and other photography related issues, please contact me.

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