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An awarded image in the Nordic Nature Photo Contest 2017!

The Norwegian Natur & Foto Magazine organized for the 7th time the largest, likely most prestigious, Nordic nature and wildlife photography competition.

With its fantastic nature, unique light, magnificent wildlife and plant life, Nordic nature is in a class of its own and the magazine wants to promote that via the Nordic Nature Photo Contest, which is international and open to everyone. All images must be shot in one of the Nordic countries, Norway including Svalbard, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the Faeroe Islands and/or Greenland.

One of the images I sent was a high key image of an Apollo (Parnassius apollo). In Finland, the beautiful, elusive, though vulnerable Apollo butterfly was one of the first species of insects declared endangered in the country and is thus very hard to find. I have tried to photograph it throughout the last few summers, though not always with success. However, there is always a chance to get lucky... and I did... back in July 2016. Went to an area in the South of Finland where the Apollo flies in limited numbers. I searched, stayed patient and got 'awarded'. The Apollo visible, in this now awarded image, was either not warmed up properly, or simply lacking energy, as it was extremely calm for some 20 minutes providing me however with enough photographic opportunities. I converted this particular image into a high key B&W using Silver Efex Pro, but kept the 'eyes', though partially hidden as the wings were closed, red.

As you all know, I am on the never ending pursuit of that next ‘cracking shot’ … and long may it still continue. Happy days! For further information on the competition, please visit

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