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Oslo, Norway - the award ceremony at the Nordic Nature Photo Contest 2017!

Two images from the award ceremony of the Nordic Nature and Wildlife Photography competition organized by the Norwegian Natur & Foto Magazine. Likely the most prestigious, Nordic nature and wildlife photography competition.

The first image is a line-up of all awarded participants in the Close-up category. My friend Tapio Kaisla is missing, but luckily his awarded image of an osprey taking a fish out of the water is not. The chap, second from right, tall, checked shirt, yeh handsome, is me.

The second image is my awarded image, surround by a fraction of the crowd, of an Apollo (Parnassius apollo) taken in Finland.

As you all know, I am on the never ending pursuit of that next ‘cracking shot’ … and long may it still continue. Happy days! For further information on the competition, please visit

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